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SKU: COT0009
30.000,00 €Price
  • Machines: 3

    Year: 1995/1996/1997
    Model ACO 288
    Type SRK 
    216 Positions
    Feeding cans 500 mm. x 1160 mm without wheels
    Nozle KN4 
    Rotors T 233 BD Schlafhorst
    Yarn presence device
    Exit conical 4-20 6” traverse.
    Clearers Barco COROLAB  7
    Spinning Box SE09
    1 Shuttle for 216 spindles
    2 ASW piecers with internal reserve
    With waxing device
    Big belt for the waste removal
    Cone delivery with two belts

    main motor drive by frequensy inverter

    voltage 380.3.50Hz

    Combing roller B 174 

  • Location: Greece

    Status: Stopped 


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